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Zhejiang Shuida TextileCo., Ltd. (Zhejiang Shuida Cloth Co., Ltd.) is a professional R & D, salesof textiles of private enterprises. Company to "Scientific andTechnological Innovation, Implementation of Brand, To Serve the Public"for the global development strategy, with import and export rights in 2000 to86 countries in the world to apply for "SHUI DA PAI" trademark, nowhas been legally registered in more than 40 countries protection. 2007 by theasset evaluation assessment of Zhejiang era of "ShuiDa" trademarkintangible assets 289 million Yuan; enterprises through the "12words" strategy, has won the "Shaoxing City famous trademark"and "Zhejiang Province Famous Trade Mark", "ShuiDa Pai"products is an internationally renowned brand, "China Top Ten InfluentialBrands"; Repeatedly to wide acclaim and foreign government agencies,industry associations and customers around the world.

ShuiDa Textile hasdiversified development, the establishment of "China Textile and ApparelResearch Center" in research and development and quality managementsystems, investment 5,000,000 yuan founded Shuida network technology company,to create "Chinese Online Market" large B2B, B2C, O2Oelectricity supplier group commodity trading platform to promote online transactions,and in January 21, 2015 successfully listed in Shanghai; Shuida Textile throughinternational quality system certification and ECO-Product qualitycertification, improve product quality and safety.

Shuida Textile is ZhejiangTextile Standardization Technical Committee member units, quality and technicalsupervision Shaoxing City Academy in cooperation with the test, China QualityMiles counterfeiting Rights Alliance units, the China International TradePromotion "China Import and Export AAA grade credit enterprise."

Shuida Textile always payattention to the quality of innovative learning and technical training of theteam, formed a research and production, OEM processing, network sales promotionand after-sales support services. Company after years of development efforts,has successfully developed a variety of fashionable textile goods and civilianand military Functional environmentally friendly products, the product improvesthe market competitiveness, enhance brand awareness, ”Shuida” product worldwidereputation.


Mr. Feng Shuida, General manager of a largestaff: Welcome worldwide customers purchasing “ShuiDa Pai” products andsincerely look forward to cooperation!

l   Mission: Character, A qualityservice in the world

l  Goals: A nuclear fertility enterprises,tree centuries brand


Address: KaoQiao,Shaoxing,Zhejiang,China  Tel: 0575-85682088  Fax:0575-85711866

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