shuida culture is the values ​​of all the staff recognized the innovation and strengthen the country's business leaders. The core of the corporate culture of innovation and strengthen the country. It is the shuida ten years of development history, and gradually formed the characteristics of the cultural system. Corporate culture as a precursor to the concept of innovation, market innovation, along with shuida from scratch, from small to big, from big to strong, from the local to the country and the world, shuida culture itself is continuous innovation, development, staff concentric Palit, beyond the self is the most significant feature of the shuida culture. shuida's goal is the innovation of Chinese brand names, return to the community. To realize the full value of the individual and the pursuit of this goal the development of shuida's pursuit of perfection and the value of the individual shuida staff to combine, every shuida staff in achieving the goals of the shuida, famous